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Frequently Asked Questions
about purchasing discount tickets.

We believe that the best customer is the best informed customer.

Here you can find the most important and frequently asked questions about
purchasing tickets at Ticket Mania.

Can I return my ticket purchase for a refund (some exceptions)?

The Parks have the policy that all tickets are non-refundable.
We have to have the same policy to have a contract with them.

Q: Are the prices the same if I order online and the store purchase?
Are the prices the same if I order online and the store purchase?

Answer: Yes we try to offer the same prices (Sometimes the prices a bit different) in the store as we do online, sometimes we have tickets available at the store that are not allowed to be sold on the WEBSITE, be sure to ask if there are any specials going on, when at the Store.
Q: What happens if I order tickets and they do not make it to me before I leave for vacation?
We always take a look at your departure date, and make sure we mail them with enough time to get to you.
Q: Do you Deliver to hotels everyday, what about Saturday, Sunday and Holidays?
Yes we do hotel deliveries 7 days a week. Including Holidays.
Q: When and what time will be delivered to the Hotel?
We deliver them on the day you check in, usually by 10:00AM in the morning, so they will be at the hotel when you check in later in the day.
Q: What do I do if I get to the hotel and they say there is no package or tickets for Me?
Make sure you tell the person at the front dest, that it is an enevelop with your name on it. If you ask for your tickets, the person at the front desk may not know what you are talking about. When we drop them off we have them sign for it and check the computer that you are checking in later that day. If you have any problems please call us at Contact
Q: We are not staying in Hotel, we rented a Villa (Home Rental), do you deliver to Villas?
Yes, we do deliver to Villas.
Q: What if my tickets get lost or stolen?
We can not cancel or re-issue tickets. KEEP THEM SAFE!

If you want to copy all of the ticket info off the back of the tickets and keep that information, you can try to get the parks to reissue tickets, but that is at the parks choice and we can not say if they will or will not.
Q: Can I return my ticket purchase for a refund (some exceptions)?
No, due to the nature of the tickets, the magnetic strip, we can not tell if they have been used (some exceptions).

The Parks have the policy that all tickets are non-refundable. We have to have the same policy to have a contract with them.
Q: Are you legitimate or authorized to sell tickets and such?
Yes we are legitimate, and member's of the BBB.

And yes we have contracts with the Theme Parks and Attractions to sell tickets, we are contracted and authorized to do so.
Q: Is there a 1 or 2 Day Disney hopper ticket available?
Yes we currently offer a choice of 1 or 2 Day Tickets.
Q: Are these the same tickets that the Parks sell?
They are the same tickets you would get at the park entrance, but at a lower price. Sometimes we get special tickets from the Parks, and the details will always be explained here at the web site.
Q: How can you sell the tickets cheaper than the parks?
We buy tickets from the parks in bulk, at wholesale prices. This allows us to sell them to you cheaper than you would pay at the park entrance.
Q: Can I buy tickets now and use them in the future, like next year?
Sure, you can purchase your tickets now, and use them anytime in the future. Even if the gate prices go up the ticket you buy now would still be valid. Most of the tickets do not have expiry dates, some do, most do not. Please note that the dinner show tickets usually have expiry dates on them, but they are usually for 18 to 24 months from now.
Q: How do we order tickets?
You can order tickets Online (24 Hrs a day), or over the phone, or in person at our store.
Q: How much is postage and how long does it take?
If there is enough time, we mail them to you via priority mail or we can deliver them to your Hotel.

For complete shipping details CLICK HERE

USPS Mailing in the continental US is FREE and takes about 8 - 10 Business Days.

International Mailing can take up to a month.

Hotel or Villa delivery is $10.00, Please try to give us a few business days notice for hotel delivery.

If none of these will work for you, we offer store pickup also.
(Store Pickups)
Q: Do you sell one day, one park tickets for the Magic Kingdom, and the other Disney Theme Parks?
Yes we currently offer a choice of 1 or 2 Day Tickets.
Q: Is the Credit Card payment area SECURE?
Yes we use High-grade Encryption (256 bit keys) to protect your payment information; we use this technology to ensure that your purchase is secure and safe. We offer a 100% fraud protection for you and your information.
Q: Can I use a 4 Day Disney Park Hopper Pass for 4 People for one day?
No, all of the Disney Multi Day Tickets are to be used by one person, example a 4 day park hopper is good for one person for any 4 days, admission to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studio and the Disney's Animal Kingdom. And you can hop between any of these parks each day. You can not use the ticket to get 4 people in the park for one day.
Q: Is Universal CityWalk included in any of the tickets?
Yes, with Universal Orlando ticket with more than 1 day on it. It must be used within 14 days of the first use of the tickets (City Walk Admission is subject to change without notice by Universal). With the 4 Park or 5 Park Flex Tickets you get unlimited admissions into City Walk for the 14 Consecutive days from the first use of the ticket.
Q: My Card Declined , and I know there is enough credit available?
Your card may have declined because this purchase may not match your usual spending patterns with this card or if using a bank Debit Card it may exceed your daily limit with it. Or for some International Sales, your bank my not approve it until you call them.

In either case you may have to call you bank and let them know what you are purchasing and the amount, and then redo your order.

Also we can not call your Bank and get an approval, you have to.

Or do you want to call and get other payment options, Contact Us.
Q: Is there a Fee for using a Credit Card?
No we do not charge you any Fee's for using Credit or Debit Cards. For some International Purchases your bank may charge you a Fee for using your Credit Card, you will have to talk with your bank about this.
Q: The Visit Options with the Disney Tickets, where can I use them at?
The Visit Options, can be used at Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, ESPN Wide World Of Sports, Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course, and Disney's Fantasia Gardens & Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Courses.

It is best to use the Options at either of the water parks, they are over $50 per person per day.

The least value place to use the Options is the Wide World of Sports.

All Days and Visit Options expire 14 days after the first use.
Q: Do the Visit Options have to be used on the days I go to the one of the Big Parks?
The Visit Option is completely separate for the big parks admissions (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Holloywood Studios, Animal Kingdom).

You can use them on the same days if you want, example go to Blizzard Beach for the day, then go to Epcot at night.

Also if you just wanted to go to water park for the day, that would use up one of the Visit Option and nothing to do with the Disney Days park of the ticket.

Quick Note: The Days part of the ticket you can Park Hop between the parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Holloywood Studios, Animal Kingdom), but the Visit Options you can not hop. Example if you go to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon in the same day you will use up 2 of the options.

Q: What happens to the information that I provide?
The Information that you provide, is only used to Mail your tickets to you, or Deliver them to a hotel, or to make Dinner Show reservation. We do not share or provide your info with any other companies.
Q: Do you give out my Email Address to anyone?
No we do not give out your Email to anyone. And we only email you to confirm Mailing Dates, Hotel Deliveries, Dinner Reservations, or if we need additional information from you.
Q: Are the tickets you sell for Disney the 'Paper Type' or the 'Plastic Type'?
They are the 'Plastic Type'. They are the same tickets you would get at the parks if you were to purchase them there.
Q: Are you going to Spam me at later date?
No we do not keep your email or email you anything after the sale is complete and you have your tickets, please note that if you have signed up for our Ticket Mania Newsletter you will recieve that on a occasional basis.

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