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Blue Man Group FAQ's

Blue Man group

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Blue Man Group?

    Blue Man Group is a creative organization dedicated to creating excitement-generating experiences for our audience and ourselves.

  • How many times has Blue Man Group appeared on "The Tonight Show" and are copies of "The Tonight Show" appearances available to the public?

    Blue Man Group has enjoyed performing on "The Tonight Show" for several years. At this time, we are unable to make copies of those appearances for everyone who requests them. Make sure to check the News section on from time to time to find out when our next scheduled television appearance will be; that way you can set your VCR (or TiVo).

  • Can I have an autographed picture mailed to me?

    After the show at our stationary theatrical venues, the Blue Men are in the lobby to meet and greet the audience. At that time, it is possible to get a Blue Man autograph.


  • Where are Blue Man Group's theatrical productions? How long will they be running?

    Blue Man Groupís long running theatrical productions are performed in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Berlin, and Tokyo.

    We will continue to perform in these cities for as long as people continue to enjoy the show. A big part of our longevity is due to the many people who return to see Blue Man Group again and again to bring along friends who have yet to see the show.

  • Are the shows different in each city?

    The theatrical shows vary in each city based on the size of the theatre and the cultural aspects of each community we'd like to explore.

    The Complex Rock Tour and Megastar World Tour are entirely different Blue Man productions, created as rock concert experiences.

  • Will you add music from The Complex to the theatre shows?

    Yes. Some of the album's music was used when the latest new material was added to the shows in New York, Boston and Chicago. The Berlin and London shows also have music from The Complex including an amazing re-mix of Blue Man Group's version of "I Feel Love" during paper finale.

  • How long is a Blue Man Group performance?

    The approximate running time for all Blue Man Group theatre shows is one hour and forty-five minutes without an intermission.

  • I have tickets in what is referred to as the "Poncho Section." Do I have to bring my own poncho?

    Blue Man Group refers to the area closest to the stage as the "Poncho Section." Blue Man Group provides each person in this section with a poncho just in case some of the materials used on stage go into the audience.

  • I have heard that the theatre show can get a little messy. What is the appropriate dress for a Blue Man Group show?

    The blue men do use a variety of materials on stage and at times those materials get into the audience close to the stage. While it does not happen all the time, we do strongly suggest that you do not wear clothing that you consider nice or valuable. We encourage casual attire for the show. Jeans and sneakers are ideal.

  • What age group is appropriate for the theatrical shows?

    One of the great things about seeing Blue Man Group is that it appeals to all ages. Kids will enjoy the lights, color and spectacle. Adults enjoy the humor, social commentary and depth of the character. Even the hardened theatre critic finds a deeper message behind the fun and mess.

    While the show appeals to a wide audience, itís not recommended for children under five.

  • How long does it take a Blue Man to prepare before the show? What is the make-up the Blue Men put on their faces?

    It takes a Blue Man approximately one hour to get in costume for the show. The Blue Men wear grease paint on their heads. It never dries. This effect allows the Blue Men to maintain that wet gooey look throughout the show.

  • What is the name of the song playing during the paper finale of the theatre domestic productions?

    The name of the song used at the end of the show in New York, Boston, Chicago, and Las Vegas is "Last Train to Trancentral," by KLF. It can be found on their album entitled, White Room . It is also available as a bonus track featured on the AUDIO DVD 5.1 Surround Sound Mix. The Berlin and Orlando shows end in an amazing re-mix of Blue Man Group's version of "I Feel Love."

  • Is there a strobe light used in your theatre performance?

    There are some portions of the show in which a strobe light is used, mainly in the final sequence. There are signs carefully marked with this information at each one of our theatres. Please take note of this, and proceed accordingly.

  • Will Blue Man Group open more theatrical productions internationally?

    Yes, Blue Man Group,†in association with Stage Holding, an international entertainment company, have recently opened several Blue Man Group productions in Europe. It has always been the goal of Blue Man Group to give people all over the world a chance to experience the Blue Man Group work. Blue Man Group continues to discuss future sites for extended runs of theatrical productions in cities around the world and looks forward to a successful run in Berlin.

  • Will Blue Man Group go on tour?

    Blue Man Group tours frequently and is currently on its Megastar World Tour. Check out the official site for tour dates and more.

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