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Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach is one of the two great water parks located in the Walt Disney World Resort. This theme park has a unique and unusual theme for the state of Florida. Do to a freak snow storm Disney built a ski resort on these slippery slopes. But when the Florida sunshine broke back through the clouds the snow quickly started to do what it does best, melt! Just when all seemed lost a comical blue alligator got the right idea, and started sliding down these slopes with water skies instead of snow skies. Now these water run offs have become some of the best water attractions in the Central Florida area, and are just waiting for you to try them out!

Downhill Double Dipper

If you are the competitive type then this is the ride for you! Everyone likes a good race, especially one that you can participate in! Grab a friend or family member and a provided inner tube and make your way to the top of the Downhill Double Dipper. When it’s your turn step up the front where you will be assisted as you sit in your tube. Then, when the light turns green shove off down this two hundred and thirty foot long slide as you race your opponent. It is actually possibly to reach speeds of up to twenty five miles an hour as you rocket your way down this course. Built to look like a ski slope this attraction features a finish line with a timer, so you can figure out how fast you were going. But of course your speed only needs to be faster than your partner to win! About half way down the course you and your inner tube will fly into a dark tunnel. While you are inside this tunnel no one knows just who is going faster. Emerge from the tunnel at the last second to pass through the finish line, finally ending the suspense!

Slush Gusher

This great slide can be found rather easily, just follow the screams coming from the center of the park! Located right next to the Summit Plummet this slide is slightly more tame than its big brother. A ninety foot tall water slides that speeds you along the side of these snow slopes is just dying for you to try it. The name of the mountain at the center of the park has been nick named “Mount Gushmore” for all the water that continues to flow off these ice caps. You can either access this ride by walking up the long stair case or by taking the chairlift over the park to the top. Because this ride is such an intense experience you must be at least forty eight inches to ride.

Teamboat Springs

Because of the nature of water slides it isn’t often that you can find a water ride that your whole family can do at the same time. Well here at Blizzard Beach Disney has brought to life one the best rides in the theme park! Teamboat Springs lets you get five of your best friends or family and pile into a raft for a wild ride. This twelve hundred foot water slide should be called a “white water river.” With sharp turns and speedy drops your boat will ride this stream at incredible speeds. Because the side of a slide is arched upwards your raft could rise to the top of the walls before coming rocketing down at high speeds. The best part about this raft is that when you sit down you will all be in a circle facing each other. So when the fun starts happening you can see everyone’s reaction, the perfect family experience. To get to this ride you can either take the chairlift or walk up the Green Slope. It is located near the top of Mount Gushmore, so you can rest assured the ride from the top to the bottom will be filled with twists, turns, waterfalls, caves and more!

Cross Country Creek

If you’re at this theme park to beat the heat and relax after a long week at the theme parks then we have just the ride for you. Circling the entire park is a slow flowing lazy river, known as Cross Country Creek. Grab an inner tube at one of the seven entrance points and sit back and relax. This slow moving river will drag you through caves, by misty waterfalls, under bridges and more as you drift aimlessly around the park. This meandering stream can be used as a great way to relax at the park, or you could even use it to get from destination to destination! Since there are seven entrances at different locations around the park you can check the maps and find out just how to travel using this stream! See the whole park in a unique way on this fun and relaxing river!

Ski Patrol Training Camp

Most water parks only offer water slides and attractions that aren’t really suited for the little kids. But here at Blizzard Beach you can find the best place for kids to enjoy their time! Here at the Ski Patrol Training Camp you can find all the fun rides and attractions for the adults, scaled down for the kids! From miniature water slides to raft rides, zip lines and even floating ice platforms this area has it all! This large pool features shallow waters so kids can play safely. In fact it is constantly monitored by life guards to ensure your kids safety. This is a great place where you can lounge in the many spots around the pool while your kids enjoy all the benefits of the Ski Patrol Training Camp. During the day the staff even hosts games for the kids, it’s all in good fun! This great playground area can be found in a small cove at the base of Mount Gushmore near the front of the theme park.

Summit Plummet

The name pretty much describes this breath taking water slide. As soon as you reach the Blizzard Beach parking lot you will see people taking the plummet off this massive water slide at the center of the theme park. Chances are you will hear their screams of excitement as well! Located at the top of Mount Gushmore this crazy water slide is a “chilling” one hundred and twenty foot drop. This three hundred and sixty foot slide will send you down at speeds up to sixty miles an hour before you crash into water below! With a long bathtub like slide at the end just to slow you down you can tell that this ride is serious! At the bottom waiting area there is a large board that reads your speed, so all your family and friends can find out just how fast you went. Believe us this three hundred and sixty foot ride comes to an end very quickly. You hit the water at the bottom so hard we guarantee you will walk away with a wedgie!

Tobagan Slides

This eight lane race track has quickly become a fan favorite for those visiting the Blizzard Beach theme park. With eight lanes one the track all your friends and family can come down and race each other for bragging rights to the rest of your vacation. Grab a toboggan and make your way to the top. Lie down and watch as the lights countdown because this is an intense race over three separate humps. The way you position your body is what makes you move faster or slower. So buckle down onto your raft and lean into the wind because your in for a fast ride!

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