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Discovery Cove Orlando

Discovery Cove brings you an adventure that you cant find anywhere else. Escape from that congested cubicle to a watery paradise filled with exotic animals and amazing experiences. Discovery Cove allows you to get away from the longs lines at most normal theme parks and explore a world both above and below the surface of tropical rain forests and the ocean. If you’re planning a week to the Orlando area this is like a vacation within a vacation, the perfect way to end a week at the theme parks! However, since Discovery has a park limit its best to make your reservations as early as possible, and what better way to save than to purchase from a discounted ticket broker like ourselves?

Unlike most theme parks Discovery Cove offers a wide variety of interactive encounters with live animals. From swimming with dolphins to to holding and feeding exotic birds, these once in a lifetime experiences are lifelong memories waiting to be made! What really sets the park aside from the rest is its park limit of 1,000 guests per day. This capacity limit ensures that you and your family get the personal attention you need to make your interaction with these amazing animals an all-inclusive exposure.

Your visit to this theme park entails a whole list of entertainment including:

The newest addition to the Discovery Cove theme park is the Freshwater Oasis! As SeaWorld’s sister park Discovery Cove offers you face to face encounters with some of the oceans most exotic animals, but now you can enjoy some of fresh waters most playful animals! Enjoy a unique experience with otters and marmosets underneath this rain forest canopy. With crystal clear spring waters this tropical paradise has a vibe of its own! Explore this awesome section of the park and rest assured there will be something to discover no matter where you turn!

Dive head first into a tropical paradise under these crystal clear waters when you explore the Coral Reef. With thousands of tropical fish and sea life to look at you could spend a whole day here and still not see everything there is to see! These beautiful coral reefs are home to a wide selection of islands and hidden grottoes, you can even find sharks safely gliding by behind glass. This encounter is truly a tropical paradise for you to explore.

Explore the world of sting rays at the Ray Lagoon where you, family and friends will get a chance to wade into these shallow waters and touch live sting rays! Do not worry, it is completely safe! These velvety stingrays are a once in a lifetime experience that you will be able to walk away saying you touched!

If you are more of the relaxing type then enjoy a comfortable seat alongside the tropical river at the resort pool. Enjoy a relaxing break from your hectic vacation and catch a few rays from the sunshine state!

While you visit you will be served a hot breakfast so you can start the day out right and a fantastic lunch to ensure you stay happy throughout the day. During your visit you will be provided with snacks and drinks throughout the day so you stay full and hydrated.

For those entering the water snorkel gear, swim vests, wet suits, towels, lockers, sunscreen and beach chairs are provided for your convenience.

At the end of the day you and your family receive a complimentary photo to immortalize your visit to Discovery Cove.

And of course the biggest prize of your visit is a chance to swim with bottlenose dolphins! As the centerpiece of this remarkable experience you can enjoy a fantastic journey into these magnificent creatures habitat. Bottlenose dolphins are known for their playfulness and enthusiastic interactions with people. This once in a lifetime experience is a safe way for friends and family to get face to face with one of natures hidden treasures. Adults and kids alike can enjoy the Dolphin swim, and under careful supervision from Discovery Cove staff you can rest assured your family will enjoy a safe time with these remarkable animals. Make a connection with a dolphin and create a memory that will last a lifetime!

***Reservations are required. Your Credit card will not be charged for this ticket until the reservation is made. Our Discovery Cove agent will contact you within 24 hours to assist with your reservation.

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