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Typhoon Lagoon

The theme of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon would better be described as a story. A freak tidal wave that blew over the park has left it in shambles. Carrying with it all manner of wreckage from the sea you will find surfboards in the trees, boats stuck in the roofs and of course Typhoon Lagoon’s signature icon, the large shrimp boat impaled on top of the mountain at the head of the wave-pool. Every hour this steam boat still spews smoke and blares its horn. If you are underneath it at the time you might just get caught in a spray of water. Typhoon Lagoon is home to a wide variety of water slides and water attractions, it is the perfect way to beat the Florida heat while you are staying in the Central Florida area!

Crush N Gusher

The most recent addition to Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon this great ride can be found to the right of the front entrance. It shouldn’t be hard to find, it’s just around the corner of the Shark Reef, just listen for the screams of joy! At the bottom of this ride there are small swimming pools, lounging chairs and shade; the perfect place for you to grab an ice cold drink and relax while your kids go on the ride. We are telling you this because there is a good chance your kids will never want to get off this ride! When many people think of theme parks the first place their mind goes is to roller coasters. Well at a Water Park roller coasters don’t really fit into the theme. It’s hard to get people into hot plastic seats when they are barefoot and in their bathing suits. Well, Typhoon Lagoon is home to the first of its kind in water roller coasters! This raging ride known as the Crush N Gusher propels you at lightening speeds through sharply turning tubes and slides. Even better you can take up to two or three family or friends at a time, so you can share your screaming and wild experience! This is one ride you don’t want to miss when you visit the Typhoon Lagoon!

Humunga Kowabunga

If you’re a thrill seeker then you have come to the right place. The first thing you will notice when you enter the park are the loud screams coming from the back of the park. There is a good chance when you get up close that you will end up not actually wanting to ride the Humunga Kowabunga. So if you want to wait for the others in your part there is a large seating area at the bottom, also a great place to take pictures. So why would so many people be waiting at the bottom? Well the Humunga Kowabunga is a massive slide that climbs five stories into the air. You will reach speeds over thirty miles and hour on your way down before coming to a slow stop on a long track of water. In other words, it’s just as fun to watch as it is to do! Rocket down these five stories in seconds, and then check your speed at the bottom to see just how fast you went! If you’re the competitive kind, be sure to match your scores to your friend and family members!

Keelhaul Falls

Typhoon Lagoon is also home to some more tame rides. In fact here at Keelhaul Falls kids of all ages can take a wild adventure down this slide on the back of an inner tube! Keelhaul Falls can be found in-between the Gang Plank Falls attraction and the Mayday Falls attraction near the slopes of the Mount Mayday location. Themed after a white water river rapids adventure this scenic ride will have you flying down palm tree lined waters and spinning your way around curves and flying through caverns. Since inner tubes don’t really offer much control there is no telling what direction you will be facing on the way down! When you first approach this attraction you will be handed your individual inner tube. From there you have to walk up several flights of stairs before reaching the top platform. When the instructor gives you the “go” sign you leap into your tube and then you are pushed over the edge. Hold on tight because this curvy waterslide will have you flying through waterfalls and caverns before splashing down into a large pool at the bottom!

Castaway Creek

After some wild rides on the other attractions you might just be worn out and ready for a break. You could go down to the beach and relax in the sun or you could grab an inner tube and relax in the Castaway Creek. This lazy river flows calmly in one direction all the way around the theme park. That means you could pretty much see every there is to see by just sitting back and relaxing in this river! Castaway Creek flows through the entire park, but it also has some surprises of its own! With rushing waterfalls and dark caves Castaway Creek could almost be considered a ride of its own! If you don’t feel like walking this creek could also be used as a way of getting from attraction to attraction in the theme park!

Surf Pool

Located at the very center of the park underneath Mount Mayday, the large mountain with a shrimp boat a top it, the signature icon for Typhoon Lagoon, you can find this awesome wave pool! The dam that once held all the water back is now falling apart and these waves are leaking through. Every five minutes the horn on the shrimp boat will let out a small blast and the wave pool will start raging with larger waves for a few short seconds. But don’t worry, these waves don’t make their way to shore, if you have small children they will be safe along the pools shallow waters. In fact the wave pool is constantly watched by life guards, to ensure everyone’s safety. This massive wave pool has enough room for everyone, so it is definitely something you will want to spend some time in while you are at the park!

Storm Slides

The Storm Slides are a great and fast ride! These slides were created as the retreating water of Typhoon Lagoon’s tidal wave. Unlike the inner tube slides these ones require no object for you to carry up the stares. Just simply walk up and get assigned to a slide. That’s another great addition; these rapidly twisting and turning slides have three separate courses! That means you can ride time and time again and have a different experience every time! Because it is nestled in the rocks to the right of the parks entrance the Storm Slides weave in and out of the rocks. One minute you could be barreling over rocks and the next weaving through them! All of the slides have roughly the same speed and twists and turns so if you have friends and family it can be a great race to the bottom. Just before you plummet into a pool of water look to your left and right and see if you won the race!

Gang Plank Falls

When you go to a water park there aren’t usually many rides or attractions that the whole family can ride together. The most people you can fit on Crush N Gusher is three, which is a lot for a water slide. But here at Gang Plan Falls you can take four family members down this awesome slide! These large rafts have you sitting face to face in a circle, so you can laugh and exchange all those half terrified and amused expressions as you barrel down the rapids! Located in the back of the park near Keelhaul Falls this is definitely something you will want to get the whole family together for! This is a great way for your family or friends to make lasting memories!

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