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Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is a Disney theme park inspired by the magic of the movies from as early as the 1930’s. The theme park features great movie rides, attractions featuring video, guided tours, and museums based on movies and themed areas for everyone in the family to enjoy. The iconic symbol of Hollywood Studios is Mickey’s sorcerer’s hat made famous from the movie “Fantasia”. Ideas for the park originated as a pavilion for Epcot which revolved around movies and the technologies behind them. This pavilion soon became The Great Movie Ride which resides in the park. Michael Eisner made the decision to create a theme park dedicated to the movies and theater industry after seeing the plans for the Great Movie Ride pavilion. The park is split up into different lands including Hollywood Boulevard, Echo Lake, Streets of America, Animation Courtyard, Pixar Place, and Sunset Boulevard.

Animation Courtyard and Pixar Place pay special attention to the animation, computer and traditional, which has graced the lives of many people spanning generations of family members. Many people, young and old, have plenty of memories including Disney characters stemming all the way back to early Mickey Mouse cartoons, which are all available at Hollywood Studios. Sunset Boulevard and Streets of America are home to some of the greatest action shows and movie rides that will send guests on an amazing journey through the magic of the movies. There are great special events held at Hollywood Studios like ESPN Weekend, Star Wars Weekend, and The Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights which bring an amazing spectacle to Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Boulevard

Great Movie Ride

Movie nostalgia is abundant in the popular attraction “The Great Movie Ride” located on Hollywood Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. From fun and whimsical to suspense and drama “The Great Movie Ride” has it all. Riders board a slow moving boat and view some great scenes from movie classics such as “Marry Poppins,” “The Wizard of OZ,” “Raiders of the Lost Arc,” “Alien,” “Singing in the Rain” and many more. A movie host leads you through the classics and entertains his/ her audience.

Not only do guests view the great movie scenes, they also have the opportunity to be part of their very own movie scene. Depending on which boat you board your movie host will be kidnapped by either a western outlaw or a gangster. Guests are left to fend for themselves when the villain boards, but thanks to the magic of the movies your host returns, unharmed just in time to lead you to the end of your great movie journey. After your boat ride through scenes of great movies you are directed to a large movie screen where you will see the grand finale of clips from more great movies such as “Lady and the Tramp,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “The Godfather” and many more.

Echo Lake

Star Tours

Guests who venture over to Hollywood Studios have the opportunity to become space tourists. Star Tours located on Echo Lake is a ride that sets up the idea that visitors go to the “Star Tours Travel Agency” to arrange a tour to the forest moon of Endor. While you wait in line for your tour you will notice the posters that advertise other trips guests can take on with the Star Tours Travel Agency, such as excursions to other plants. You also get your chance to meet Star Wars favorites such as C-3PO and R2-D2 (audio animatronics characters that speak to the guests).

Once the guests reach the boarding station they will be directed upon their very own Star Speeder 3000 to take their trip to the forest moon of Endor. The closer it gets to launch time you will see a safety video that instructs you how to properly place your belongings into the appropriate compartments and how to fasten your seat belt. While you are in your Star speeder a pilot droid, RX-24(aka Rex) talks to guests about the trip he has prepared for you.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

For all those who love a good stunt show mixed with the greatness of the Indiana Jones, the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is definitely the attraction for you and your family. As guests enter the show they are asked if they would like to participate in select scenes of the actual stunt show. For those who decline there is still quite an experience at hand with select stunt scenes recreated from the originals in the movies. A famous scene one will witness while checking out this show is the one where Indiana Jones goes searching for the Golden Idol but instead finds a 12 foot boulder chasing him down. That is just one example of many scenes like it that play throughout the show. While the stunt is being performed, all by trained professionals, the director goes over the methods used to achieve the effect that made the scenes so grand on the big screen. The audience will definitely be hooked on the action packed scenes which are presented with insane accuracy, wild and loud music, and explosions and fire. This show is great for the avid moviegoer as well as the entire family. Get in on the action today!

Streets of America

Muppet Vision 3D

Muppet Vision 3D is the perfect show for the little ones and even adults visiting Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. The Muppets have been a staple in child entertainment for ages and thanks to these fuzzy, fun creatures we have a great show full of comedy, fun, and songs. Muppet Vision 3D features all the favorite Muppets in a 3D movie presentation which makes the audience feel like the Muppets are right there on the stage interacting with concrete elements, props, and other items on stage. Muppet Vision 3D is a great show for the whole family and will definitely be a hit with the family on a day cruising through Hollywood Studios. Guests are ushered into a warehouse setting packed with novelty crates, stage props, and other items that would be found in a cartoon movie sound stage warehouse. The show could be considered a 4D show due to the fact that there are audio-animatronic figures in the theater while the show is going on that interact with the crowd, but the prime focus is on the 3D movie. The movie lasts about 17 minutes and is a great way to get out o f the heat and watch a great show.

Lights, Motor, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

Are you ready to see some extreme stunt driving action unfold in front of your very eyes? Well the Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show is where it’s at! Seeing these cars jumping huge ramps, blasts of fire, crazy road maneuvers, and other amazing feats of stunt driving action really sets the mood for edge of your seat thrill and excitement. The show is based on the story of a movie director, a stunt coordinator, and the production crew that helps make the show run. The display is basically a behind the scenes looks at what it takes to make extreme motorized stunts in the movies happen. The Show runs for 33 minutes and features some of the most amazing stunts that Disney could get their hands on. This engine revving, speed thrusting, fire jumping extravaganza is definitely a great show for the older kids, the teens and the adults. If the family is all about the need for speed, fire, explosions, and just plain old action, this is the show to see. Have fun unlocking the secrets of the movies as trained professionals display the behind the scenes look at many of the big stunts that are pulled off in the movies.

Studio Backlot Tour

The Studio Backlot Tour brought to guests of Hollywood Studios at Disney World is one great adventure through the movies including emphasis on how some of the best parts of the movies are made, what all is included in the production of some of Disney’s best, action packed movies. There is a great surprise for some lucky guests of the Studio Back Lot tour when arriving at the attraction. Lucky guests are able to participate in a special effects demonstration which includes the hull of a battle ship which is under attack by the use of a massive water tank and pyrotechnics. After the presentation on how battle scenes on the ocean are created it is off to the main event where guests will board a 200 seat tram which will take guests on a ride through the backlots of thee studios to see major props used in big projects such as boats, planes, cars, sets, and other props and assets for the movies. As the tram rides past all these great nostalgic props it makes a stop in Catastrophe Canyon where a massive storm, earthquake, and explosions rumble the surrounding canyon sending a rush of overflowing water.

Animation Courtyard

Voyage of The Little Mermaid

Under the sea is where all the little mermaids want to be when they think of the fun adventures that Ariel and all her friends have in The Little Mermaid movies. Take a fifteen minute journey through the world of The Little Mermaid as the story is recant through the use of highly detailed and colorful puppets along with human actors and actresses as Eric and Ariel. This feel good show is definitely great for the whole family and it features all the main characters made famous in the movie The Little Mermaid. Take the family out to see this great show and let the little ones have the opportunity to sing all their favorite songs from the movie which they probably all know. Join Ariel, Eric, Flounder, Sebastian, Ursula, and other characters as they sing famous tracks such as “Under the Sea”, “Part of Your World”, and “Poor Unfortunate Soul”. These songs are the icing on the cake when tying the show together to create a fifteen minute version of the actual movie. Let the family experience this vividly colorful production and the happy ending which stays true to the movie. Have a great time with the family at Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

The Magic of Disney Animation

The Magic of Disney Animation is a great attraction for the Disney lovers in your family. For those who love art, the process behind developing characters, and the magic of Disney animation, this attraction is definitely a must see. Magic of Disney Animation takes guests behind the closed doors where Disney Imagineers work to create some of the most epic characters from world famous Disney stories, new and old. Guests can see the process of creation unravel right in front of their eyes with the help of Disney’s Mushu and Milan as they work with an actual Disney animator in a 20 minute show. This is an amazing attraction that really places the guests interested in the processes of character development and animation right in the line of fire, inspirational fire that is. Once the 20 minute show is over, guests will then have the ability to tour the old Disney animation studios or the original “Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida” studios where for the longest time these classic characters were developed and created by a plethora of Imagineers. Another great opportunity which presents itself in this tour are the workshops offered in various artistic disciplines to help solidify the process to the whole family.

Disney – Live on Stage

Playhouse Disney at Hollywood Studios in Disney World takes the most popular Disney television shows and places them under one roof for the whole family to enjoy live, on stage. The scene is set in a theater where the stage is ready to be filled with the children’s favorite characters from such shows as My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Club, Handy Manny, and other great shows. The best part about the layout of the stage and the seating arrangements for the little ones is that all children get to sit close to the stage, on the floor so that there is more interaction with the cast of the show. The children then have the ability to get up, dance, sing, and move around to get and ample amount of activity in while they learn cool values and lessons from such great shows. The production takes a skit or a bit from each show and utilizes problem solving, interaction, and other methods of teaching through the use of basic skills and a fun atmosphere they can relate to. The beauty of Playhouse Disney is the children can see their favorite shows and not pay top dollar to see them all live and all at once.

Pixar Place

Toy Story Mania

Toys, toys, toys! Hollywood Studios Toy Story Mania is not only the Mecca for larger than life toys it is also the best place to play the classic carnival games kids of all ages love. Ever since it’s official opening in May 2008 people from all over the world have come to play 3-D carnival games with their favorite Toy Story characters, Woody, Buzz, Ham, Rex and more!

Your 5 minute adventure into the 3-D world of interactive carnival games is hosted by Mr. Potato Head who cracks jokes and sometimes loses his parts. As you walk into the queue you will be greeted by everyone’s favorite potato and encouraged to do your best at the five games you will play on the midway; Pie Throw Practice Booth (a pie tossing target practice game), Hamm & Eggs (an egg throw game where your practice with pies will come in handy) , Bo Peep’s Baaa-loon Pop (a dart throwing game), Green Army Men Shoot Camp (where you will throw baseballs and break plates), Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers (you throw rings over flying space ships) , and finally Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery (which is a suction cup shooting game).

Each ride vehicle holds four guests and there are no height restrictions for riders. “Toy Story Mania” is a very popular ride and guests are highly encouraged to get to Hollywood Studios early and get a Fast Pass for the attraction. It is located Pixar Place, just follow the giant toys and you will be playing “Toy Story Mania” in no time.

Sunset Boulevard

Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage

Beauty and the Beast Live is an amazing live performance of the story of Beauty and the Beast which follows Belle as she becomes the prisoner of The Beast who has captured her because she took flowers from his garden without permission. The movie is always fun to watch and the little ones cannot get enough of it but what if they could see the action live in front of them? At Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios the little ones have the ability to be the guests of the Beast and Belle as they dance, sing, and have a great time with the rest of the cast of the production. The costumes are so enchanting and the music and songs are all there as well. Witness the children having the time of their life as they watch Belle and Beast dance to their favorite music from the movie. They will also get to see a transformation from beast to prince right in front of their very eyes which will make for a magical event. They have always dreamed of seeing something like it and now thanks to the Imagineers at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios they will have the ability to do so!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

Blast around loops in the loudest and fastest limo roller coaster on the Rock N Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith. Located in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios on Sunset Boulevard just next door to the Hollywood Tower of Terror, Rock N Roller Coaster goes from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and will have guests laughing out loud as you speed to the Aerosmith show in their limo.

Guests enter the recording studio of Aerosmith only to find out that they are late to their show. Steven Tyler is sorry that he has to leave the guests behind so asks that you all receive backstage passes to their concert. The only catch is that you have to get into Aerosmith’s limo and zoom as fast as you can to the “Forum” (a famous Los Angeles concert venue). After guests are loaded in to the limo the music of Aerosmith is playing and there is a sign in front with a countdown to take off. The coaster has three inversions; roll-overs and a cork screw.

The popular coaster can have long lines, but a fast pass is available. Riders must be at least 48inches (122cm) tall to ride. The Rock N Roller Coaster is classified as a big thrill so it may not be suitable for younger riders. Rock N Roller Coaster is also PAL friendly so do not forget Mickey.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The once celebrated Hollywood Hotel has never been the same since being struck by lightning. The elevator used to just transport guest to their floors, but now it transports them into the Twilight Zone again and again. Brave souls who wish to experience the free falling elevator head on over Hollywood Studios to experience the Hollywood Tower of Terror.

Riders enter the hotel through an entrance gate. The queue is partially outside and inside. The outside portion of the queue takes you through the neglected gardens of the Hollywood Hotel. The queue then moves into the hotel lobby. Riders are then directed into the Hotel Library where you begin to become aware of the severe thunder storm outside. Suddenly lightening strikes close by and a television comes on. Your host tells you about the odd elevator that was affected by the very lightening you just experienced and invites you to test the elevator for yourself.

Disney classifies the Hollywood Tower of Terror as a Big Thrill and riders must be at least 40 inches (102 cm) tall. The popular attraction offers PAL Mickey information and Fast Passes. Your Hollywood Tower of Terror experience runs about 3:10 minutes and promises that your experience will not be the same twice.

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