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SeaWorld Orlando


Central Florida, or more precisely Orlando, is the number one most visited vacation destination in the entire world. With a wide variety of theme parks and attractions, it is easy to see why the area is so popular. Orlando is the perfect place to enjoy your vacation with so much fun and entertainment. Among the Central Florida attractions you can find the unique SeaWorld Orlando theme park, as well as its sister theme park the Discovery Cove located right next door. SeaWorld features a theme unlike any of the other parks in the area. Introducing you to the world of the sea in fun and unique ways the SeaWorld theme park brings the oceans best kept secrets to the surface in this great experience for the family and friends! Filled with exotic animals and experiences you get to see massive killer whales leap twenty to thirty feet into the air, dolphins perform complex stunts, comedic sea lions and more! Alongside the great shows that SeaWorld offers you can enjoy a wide variety of rides and attractions including the newest addition to the theme park the Manta Roller Coaster. With so much to see and do at the SeaWorld Orlando theme park it is definitely something you want to put on your list for things to do when you visit the Central Florida area.

SeaWorld Shows

SeaWorld’s primary attraction is the great shows that the park offers. The best of the many shows offered at the theme park is SeaWorld’s One Ocean show. This exhilarating new show features the one and only Shamu and friends! These amazing and massive killer whales perform some of the most breathtaking stunts in this multi-sensory celebration of the amazing world underneath the oceans surface! This great show has the largest splash zone out of all the shows at the park. If you are planning to use a camera then get higher up in the stadium, because the lower seats are going to get wet! These massive six ton animals can propel themselves high into the air, and with the help and collaboration of trainers you can see these animals perform tricks you never thought possible. When you are done at One Ocean head on over to Clyde and Seamore take Pirate Island for a comical tale of two marooned friends. Clyde and his companion sea lion think they have found their way off the island when a pirate ship arrives. But when they meet the crew all matter of hilarity ensues as these treasure seeking pirates meet the friends! Finally head on over to Blue Horizons SeaWorld’s newest show! This adventure follows a young girl as she dreams of a magical world of a mesmerizing deep SeaWorld meeting the open sky in this dazzling show! Featuring everyone’s favorite animal the bottle nosed dolphin this is one incredible show! SeaWorld is home to several more shows and experiences, check for times when you enter the park.

SeaWorld Rides

Shows aren’t the only thing that SeaWorld has to offer. Over the last several years the park has added a variety of new rides and attractions.

Towering 200ft, reaching speeds of 73mph, and spanning 4760ft, you will feel the predator power when you ride the newest attraction at SeaWorld Orlando, Mako!

At SeaWorld Orlando, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin™, is an immersive experience like no other in the Orlando area. It is the most expansive and biggest attraction in SeaWorld Orlando Park history. Guests will experience the grandeur of the icy world of the South pole, on a unique and one-of-a-kind family adventure ride that follows a penguin named Puck. Guests will get a sense of the beauty and the struggle between life and death in the Penguin’s natural habitat. Families will even be able to choose whether they want a “mild” or “wild” ride experience on this trackless, motion-based simulator.

One of the newer attractions at SeaWorld, TurtleTrek, brings guests close to sea turtles and manatees then immerses them in a sea turtle’s epic journey with the world’s first 3-D, 360-degree movie in a domed theater. SeaWorld guests experience a turtle’s eye view of the ocean’s wonders and inspired to be everyday heroes who can make a difference in nature.

Starting from birth in a sea turtle’s nest, the 3-D movie follows the life of a female turtle. Guest’s will experience the joys and dangers that this brave little turtle encounters in her grand journey. The elements of the film appear to float and swim about guests thru the use of “hyper-real” CGI.

The hyper realism is achieved with some high tech equipment. There are over 30 projectors that shine 368,000 lumen of light that fill the massive dome TurtleTrek is housed in. There is also an 18.4 surround sound audio system that creates 3-D sound. This is a must see experience when visiting SeaWorld Orlando.

One of first things you see when entering the park is a unique roller coaster known as the Manta. This incredible roller coaster is the first of its kind in design. As soon as you sit in your seat you will quickly come to find what we are talking about. When the ride starts your are elevated off the ground with your back to the sky. That means when you take the first drop you will be plummeting towards the ground face first!

When you are done experience the Manta head on over to Journey to Atlantis, a water ride featuring a full sized underwater city! Hop into a boat and rise into this long lost city, where you come face to face with one of the most unexpected guests, a trapped mermaid. Of course after being confined for so long this new friend isn’t so happy to see you leave, and you will find yourself dropping over three stories from the side of this city just before you make a narrow escape.

After you are done at Atlantis head towards the back of the theme park for a wild ride on the Kraken. This ride brings the mythical creature of the ocean that plagued the stories of long time sailors to the surface. This ride reaches speeds over sixty miles an hour and even goes underground! With rides like Journey to Atlantis, Manta, the Kraken, TurtleTrek and many more SeaWorld has more than enough entertainment to keep you screaming for hours!

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