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Epcot Center


Epcot Center, originally known as “The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” is a theme park at Disney World which caters to those who enjoy the many cultures of the world and the marvels of our world through the eyes of science. The original plan for the community was to be a self sufficient, community large enough for only 20,000 people. This community would experiment with the planning of cities, organization, and safe transit from one area to the other. The city was to be set in a circle with commercial areas in the center of it, schools and recreational areas in the next layer, and residential areas around that on the outermost rim. All vehicles would travel under the community while the surface would be reserved for pedestrians. The main source of transportation on the surface would be the PeopleMovers (or monorails).

The community never took off but, a community was introduced to Central Florida. Named Celebration, which didn’t take on all of the planned characteristics of the original community but it is set up in a similar fashion. The monorails were introduced to Disney World instead and the underground transportation was integrated in the design of the theme park. The tunnels are used to transport workers around the different parks so that they are not visible to the visitors of Disney World, which may spoil the magic of the experience.

World Showcase

World Showcase is the culmination of culture and diversity with simulated landscapes that emulate the countries of the world represented by notable architectural replicas, people, and other atmospheric elements. One of the best parts about the pavilions is the rich smell and taste of cuisine from the represented country in the form of street vendors and even sit down restaurants. In the 11 countries represented including China, Morocco, America, Italy, France, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Japan, and the United Kingdom you will find rich cultural elements including gifts and other souvenirs, authentic dishes and other flavors, and people working the pavilions from the countries they represent. Another incredible feature of World Showcase is the lagoon which sits in the midst of it. World Showcase Lagoon is the home to one of Epcot’s most spectacular shows which happens at night before the closing of the park. IllumiNations is a remarkable fireworks display which celebrates cultural diversity and the importance of our planet. If you love music, bright and colorful laser displays, and a plethora of fireworks, IllumiNations is a necessary show to see.

Future World

Future World is the other half of Epcot that caters to the inquisitive of mind, environment, and technology. The pavilions featured in Future World are among some of the most fun and intriguing of Disney World. The pavilions include Innoventions, Universe of Energy, Mission: SPACE, Test Track, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, The Land, Imagination!, and the staple pavilion Spaceship Earth. These pavilions have amazing rides and attractions which feature fast rides and informative attractions and shows on the applications of energy throughout the world. Even though there are informative attractions and fast rides there are also great areas for children to explore and have fun with including The Seas with Nemo and Friends. There is truly something for everyone in Future World from fun rides and attractions for the children to informative attractions for the inquisitive of mind in science and technology. At the pinnacle of Epcot’s Future World is Spaceship Earth, the giant “golf ball” that is and has been the symbol of Epcot Center since the beginning of the park’s history. Here you will find a time machine waiting to take you back to the past of communication.

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