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Fun Spot


If you are looking for an inexpensive day out, with or with out the children, Fun Spot is the place to be. Fun Spot is entertaining for guests of all ages. As you arrive the bold primary colors catch your attention. One great thing about Fun Spot is there is free parking and free general admission. For example, if you are a parent just bringing the kids out to play for the day, the children buy wrist bands to ride all the attractions, but you get in FREE. And with locations in both Orlando and Kissimmee, you’ll be sure to have a HUGE amount of fun!

As guests make their way outside there are a variety of attractions for all ages and heights. Fun Spot includes 3 multilevel go cart tracks and 1 single level go cart track. The Commander, the green track, is a beginner track but still very exciting to ride. The Quad Helix, the yellow, is for older children and I felt it was the most fun. As the driver corkscrews up, and drives along the 1600 foot track, it makes for a good race between friends. The Conquest, also known as the blue track, is 1000 feet long and the most exciting part about this track and the descending hill that send the driver flying down the track. It is a great way to speed ahead of opponents. The red track, The Thrasher, is the only single level track at the Fun Spot on International Drive. This track is also known as a slick track, along with numerous turns, three 90 degree right turns and one 180 degree left turn this track keeps your go cart sliding all over the track. For the young ones who are not able to reach the height requirement for these upper level tracks, there is a Cadet Track. This track is the same experience for our younger racers who still want the thrill of driving a go-cart.

People come from miles around to experience the adrenaline-rush of the world’s tallest SkyCoaster. Towering above all the attractions in old-town Kissimmee, this amazing coaster boasts a height of over 300 feet above the ground below. As the SkyCoaster pulls riders into position, it’s only a matter of pulling the release code to begin the 300 ft plummet to earth. For moments, riders experience the weightlessness as the full force of gravity pulls that a 90 deg angle. Now you can enjoy the thrills of a skydive on Florida’s tallest sky coaster.

Fun Spot also includes a family favorite, the Revolver Ferris Wheel. This Ferris Wheel is 100 feet high. When on this attraction, guests can view all of Fun Spot as well as much of the surrounding Kissimmee/Orlando area. If guests are looking for a more head to head challenge they may want to try the Bumper Boats or for something a little more dry, the Bumper Kars. Both of these rides are enjoyable, especially with a large group of family and/or friends. For those thrill seekers who want just a little bit more excitement Fun Spot includes two perfect attractions, the Paratrooper and the Scrambler Ride.

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