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Tassie's Underwater Twist

The Aquatica water park features tons of one of a kind rides and is located right next to it’s sister park SeaWorld. In this wonderful water park you will be put into your own little world where anything is possible. You can float along a river with colorful fish along the rolling waves if you are feeling like you want to relax. For the thrill seeking visitors, Aquatica is the home to endless amounts of water slides and flumes that spin you around and get you drenched with water. One ride that guests seem to love the most is the Dolphin Plunge, where you are able to plunge down one of two tubes right through a lagoon where dolphins are playing and will be swimming along with you. If you are looking to have a great time, Aquatica is the place for you, get in your bathing suit and prepare yourself to become soaking wet for the rest of the day!

Rides are probably the most important thing a theme park can have; most guests judge a theme park solely on the rides alone. If you are looking to go to Aquatica rest assured that you’ll be able to ride some of the most interesting water rides in the Central Florida area! From the kiddy section to the extreme rides, Aquatica is jam packed with state of the art water slides and even more attractions that will have your adrenaline pumping faster than its ever pumped before!

Aquatica Water Rides

Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores
One of the most important and unique features of Aquatica is the Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores wave pools. Many people might wonder whats so special about two wave pools, little do they know these wave pools are side by side and you wont be able to find any similar attraction anywhere in the world! If you cant decide if you want an intense ride or a laid back swim this is the place for you, because you are able to enjoy both!

Dolphin Plunge
Anyone can tell that the Dolphin Plunge is one of the main rides in Aquatica, it sends its riders for a fierce spin in the tubes, but that’s not all! The tubes turn clear all of a sudden and you are swimming with the dolphins! Being able to swim with these graceful creatures is an amazing event that not many people get to do. Slide down as the dolphins swim along with you as fast as they can! This ride is one of the best in the Orlando Area.

Kata’s Kookaburra Cove
For the kiddies who cant make it on the big rides this year around, there is always Kata’s Kookoburra Cove where children can jump right in and play in the designated children’s area with water sprouts and silly rides, not to mention the beginner’s body slide where the little ones slide down a less intimidating water slide with a very safe life jacket. If your child is under 48″ in height this is the best place for them to enjoy themselves in Aquatica.

Loggerhead Lane
This is not your average lazy river, Loggerhead Lane is an underwater world that is beautifully accented by vibrantly colored tropical fish, not only do you witness the exotic creatures, you will be able to get the best view of the Dolphin Plunge where you can watch the riders zoom down the clear tunnel and the dolphins swim around them playfully. If you are looking for more excitement take a spin down Tassie’s Twisters.

Omaka Rocka
Share the fun with your family in the Omaka Rocka, you’ll be splashing up fun in these all-new high-speed funnels and half-pipe funnels as you rock back and forth faster than you imagine, you will also be climbing the walls higher than you’d ever think possible. If you love sharing the excitement with your family and friends then this is the ride for you. If you plan on bringing your children on this ride, make sure they are at least 48″ tall.

Roa’s Rapids
If you’ve ever wanted to travel on the beautiful white waters then take a dip in Roa’s Rapids. You will be impressed at how realistically Aquatica replicates the high tides of a roaring sea, the whirls that feel like they are about t suck you in, the geysers and speeds you will not believe. This is a great ride for people of all ages just make sure children that are under 51″ in height wear a life jacket for this attraction.

Tassie’s Twisters
Everyone knows the traditional routine on how to get onto a ride that involves nothing but simply walking up to it. To get this Tassie’s Twisters that’s not the case. You get onto this ride from the Loggerhead Lane lazy river and climb to the tower at the island. Once you get to the top you are shot into a giant bowl and you are spinning around in circles as fast as you can imagine and then you are shot back into the last river.

Taumata Racer
Aquatica takes a great deal of pride calling the Taumata Racer the biggest thrill ride of the park. You are able to challenge your friends in this high speed competitive mat ride down one of the steepest hills in the world! Slide down this hill as fast as you can and see if you can get a good enough clock time to land yourself in the Guinness Book of World Records! Guests under 48″ must wear a life vest and you have to be at least 42″ to ride.

Walhalla Wave & HooRoo Run
If you want to talk about extreme thrills then Walhalla Wave and HooRoo Run is the ride you and your entire family or group of friends should get on. You will first start of at the intimidating height of 6 stories as you make your way down an intense set of twists, turns and tunnels. Not only does this ride contain the most twists and turns, its all enclosed so you have no idea where you’re going next!

Walkabout Waters
If you have children, then you want to make Walkabout Waters the first stop on your trip to Aquatica. This play area is one of the most talked about attractions for children in the world. From a million miles away you could spot the colorful area and hear the excitement, the endless sea of fun provides limitless fun for children which means parents will have enough time to relax!

Whanau Way
Grab 3 of your friends and get in line for the Whanau Way Ride, this quadruple slide tower will slide you and a partner down inner tubes and you better look out below! Hold on to both handles and slide down these multicolored tubes as fast as you can. Make sure you check this ride out before leaving the park because this is one of the greatest forms of excitement that Aquatica offers.

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